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Energy Medicine

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Energy medicine views all living systems in terms of an informational network of currents, fields and frequencies that form the 'living matrix'. This network continually processes body and mind into an interacting, purposeful, living whole.

Energy medicine therapies aim to optimise health and encourage healing by augmenting the natural healing energies of mind and body to achieve an optimum state of health and function.

Research provides increasing clinical support for case history evidence indicating that energy medicine therapies provide physical and mental benefits far greater than
just placebo responses.

Whether these therapies are classified as bio-energy, subtle energy, complementary or alternative, their common philosophy is that illness, injury or disease does not exist in diagnostic isolation. The whole is affected and the whole needs to return to health.

An increasing number of physiotherapists are exploring these therapies and integrating them successfully within traditional techniques to facilitate optimum health and quality of life.


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