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ACPEM & CSTG Conferences:

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Study Day 27 March 2020 featuring OldPain2Go with physiotherapist Drew Coverdale

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Energy Medicine warmly invite you to join us for our study day in March when we will be running an OldPain2Go®certification course & holding our AGM 

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Study day April 2019   documents/acpem-agm-2019-flyer.pdf

Exploring the use of Yoga, minfulness, meditation, positive psycholoy and the subtle touch within physiotherapy

October 13th 2018 Craniosacral Therapy and Spirituality by Karen Elsworth. BSc. MA. view details 

March 17th 2018 ACPEM and CTSG free reconnection and study day. Cut and paste following link to sign up:  https://form.jotform.co/73406969895881

April/May 2017 (Cancelled)

One thing leads to another - Evolving Practice with Louison Lecuyer, Karen Reid, Dr John Cross, Dr Anne Jensen

October 2015   CTSG study day     view details

Are we Credible or just Incredible with Nicola Brough

April 2015    view details

Patterns & Boundaries in our live and our therapeutic relationships with John Cross, Henrietta Maasdijk, Cai Tomos and Benjamin Sermon.


October 2014    view details

Craniosexual Dynamics with Anne Stevens and Tanio Gallindo


April 2014   view details

Light & sound - enhancing our experiential learning; in life, in therapeutic relationships

with Thomas Attlee, John Sermons, Judy Clover, Marilyn Godfrey, Robyn Silverton & Anna Young


October 2013  view  feedback

Cranio-sacral group study day - 'Differentiation' with Sheila Kean

April 2013      view details

‘Embodiment of Stress and Trauma’ - Reconnecting Skills for Therapists

with Alison Lingwood MCSP, Jonathon Shaw, Carol Robertson MCSP, John Cross FCSP


April 2012    view details

Making a Difference: Effects and Outcomes in Energy Medicine

Speakers: Bruce Robertson, Arielle Essex, Steve Haines and Riccardo Cassiani Ingoni  

April 2011    view details

Touch and Movement in Energy Medicine

Speakers: Steven Goldstein, John Iams, Andy Ward and Ann Childs

March 2010

Sense and Perception

Speakers: Mike Webster, Gosia Gorna

March 2009
Enhancing Awareness of the Therapist and the Environment
Speakers: Paul Francis, Ann Childs

March 2008
The Energetic Connection: Exploring Both Sides Of The Therapeutic Experience
Speakers: Kitt Ford-Young, Caroline Sherwood, John Cross, Denise Gurney, Cathy Rowlandson.

March/April 2007
An Exploration Of The Evidence Base In Energy Medicine: The Implications For Therapeutic Practice And Future Research
Speakers: James Oschman, Bob Charman, Mike Craske, Hilary Watt.

April 2006
Thanks For The Memories!
Speakers: Richard Harries, Jack Angelo, John Waterson, Stuart Robinson, Melvyn Foey.

April 2005
Speakers: Faye Griffith-Noble, Zara Hansen, Sara Mokone, Franziska Holmes/Ron Huntley, Jo Smith Oliver, Jonathan Stewart/Rowena Williams, Judith Rawlings, Susan Hollenbery.

April 2004
"To see ourselves as other people see us.......": Covering imagery of pain, polycontrast interference photography, electromagnetic and acoustic energy fields.
Speakers: Deborah Padfield, Dan Ulanowski/Mark Abadi, Dr. Nichol Clarke, Simon Goodrich

A pril 2003
Good Vibrations, Exploring the Field
Speakers: Lynne Mctaggart, James D'Angelo, Bob Charman, Tom Craig.

Ap ril 2002
A teaching seminar : Language in the therapeutic process: The neurobiology of healing
Speakers: Russell Bourne, Voice Harmony, Steve Clark.

April 2001 
Tissue properties, Body Consciousness & Memory, the Light Spectrum for Body & mind Therapies. Acoustics & Sound for Body & Mind Therapies 
Speakers: Dr Mae Wan Ho, Steve Warren, David Barker-Hall, Peter Goldman, Steve Clark, Pauline Willis, Ann Childs.

September 2001
Energy Medicine & Measurement Molecules, Memory & Communication
Speakers: Dr Cyril Smith, John Roberts, Richard Atkinson.

 April 2000 
Healing Energy Therapy Research, Intrinsic Development, Feldenkrais, Spiritual Healing
Speakers: Robert Charman, Pam Stretch, Malika Jariwala, Vivien Nicols.

September 1999 
Energy Medicine, Bioelectricity & Electrotherapy
Speakers: James Oschman, Tim Watson.

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