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Conference reports 2011

I can't thank you and the team enough for making the ACPEM possible and as a newcomer, made to feel so welcome. It was a truely joyous experience that will remain an indelible memory. It was a very very special weekend on a number of levels with an overwhelming , contagious warmth emitted by all. Great energies folks!! How reassuring also to find  like minded souls where you could speak freely without fear of judgment. We were taken by the hand by wise and learned teachers as we navigated new shores of knowledge and skills, exploring new ideas and forms to aid us in our own journeys as therapists and challenged the cognitive wheels along the way! You really can't ask for more than that!! Roll on ACPEM 2012..... !

C H, May 2011

Steven Goldstein’s introductory course on integrative fascial release (IFR) proved to be a very informative days course, combining an eclectic mixture of movement, mechanical and autonomic nervous system, myofascial release techniques.

Those in the group with experience of connective tissue massage, Feldenkrais, Alexander method, cranio-sacral therapy, Rolfing etc greeted Steven’s methodology with understanding and enthusiasm, some finding explanations for the techniques they themselves developed during the course of their professional life.

Others who had just started out on their “energetic” journey, were given an insight into the world of fascial release through the autonomic nervous system creating local and systemic effects.

D H, May 2011

I was highly impressed with John Iams’ “product” and have already used it to resolve a couple of long term physical problems (20 years in one case). 

Thanks! M G April 2011




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